Why Building An Audience Is A Moving Target And What You Can Do?

Realin In The Years

Why Your Message Matters

It’s About Convenience

Think about the way we used to shop. We used to go into malls or to stores, and now we’re just going online, clicking and getting our consumables and groceries delivered via Amazon or Walmart or a local restaurant. We live in a short attention span theater so people are not willing to do the same deep dive they used to.

It’s About Culture

It’s About Our Home Base

The third thing that’s changed is our needs. Chances are you haven’t filled up your car for a long time, and after a couple of months you might finally have to do that. So interest in getting a new car is not as high as it would have been if you’re driving every single day. We are spending more time focusing on our home office or work environments. Can you see something in your business that has changed? What do you currently sell that is different than it was before? You have to look at that perception and that need.

It’s Not About You!

Let’s look at what we can do to build that audience even though the target is moving right in front of us.

The Avatar (Perfect Customer)

Call Me By My Name

I Hear And Feel For You

Final Thoughts



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Brian Basilico

Brian Basilico


Brian is a syndicated blogger, podcaster, and a sought-after guest expert featured in Entrepreneur and Inc., magazines, Over 500 shows on “The Bacon Podcast”