In Order To Change Minds, You Have To Overcome Heard Immunity

Why Listening Is Your Best Sales Skill?

So This Happened Today…

I was working and I got a call. They said, “Hey, is Kim there?” (my wife), and I said, “No.” And he goes, “Oh well, I just wanted to talk to you about the fact that with all the police and defunding, we’re collecting money,” blah, blah, blah. And I said, “Hey, listen, we don’t.” And as I was talking, he kept talking. In other words, it wasn’t a real person, it was a robocall. And so I hung up. THEN… right when I hung up, another phone call comes in and it’s another salesman, except this time it’s a real guy.

Pounding the Pitch…

Heard Immunity

Building Distrust

Relationships vs REAL-lationships

Final Thoughts



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Brian Basilico

Brian is a syndicated blogger, podcaster, and a sought-after guest expert featured in Entrepreneur and Inc., magazines, Over 500 shows on “The Bacon Podcast”