How To Help Your Marketing Build A Bridge To Better Sales?

Hint: It Requires Treats!

Closing The Seal

The Proximity Effect

Awareness Messaging

Creative marketing creates attention and awareness, and it has that kind of proximity effect, especially when there’s a relationship attached to it. In marketing, I tend to look at things from three different perspectives:

  1. Awareness posts, “Hey, we’re here.”
  2. Education posts, “This is what our product is or service is, and this is what it does or how it works.”
  3. Sales posts, “This is something you can buy or have bought, and this is what you need to know next in order to be more successful with it.”

Timing Is Everything


The first one is the frequency. How often do you get messages out? Many people I know in the B2B space tend to do something like a monthly blog post or a monthly e-newsletter. That means that they’re only communicating with their audience 12 times a year. If you did something weekly, that would be 52 times a year.



The last piece of this is connectivity. The more people in your company who have the message associated with them and their profiles on social media, the more people see it, it amplifies the value. For example, I work with one business that has 1,000 people that like their business page, but they have 10 people in their business that have at least 500 connections.

Final Thoughts



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Brian Basilico

Brian is a syndicated blogger, podcaster, and a sought-after guest expert featured in Entrepreneur and Inc., magazines, Over 500 shows on “The Bacon Podcast”